FlashForge - Filament Dryer/Humidor Cabinet for up to 8 Spools

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The FlashForge Filament Dryer/Humidor Cabinet is a multifunctional product that integrates 3D printing equipment placement, storage and drying of 3D printing filaments, and the movable shelf function. FlashForge Filament Humidor Cabinet can be paired with FlashForge Creator 4 and other FlashForge 3D printers for providing a clean and organized workspace. The filament humidor is equipped with industrial-grade casters for easy reallocation.


Why do you need to use a filament drying station?

Hygroscopicity, the tendency to absorb moisture, is a great enemy of 3D printing. Even a small percentage of humidity will have a negative impact on the properties of most carbon fiber filaments, glass fiber filaments, and other materials. Printing with wet filaments will not only lead to surface quality defects but also destroy the material properties, which will lead to the inability to meet the requirements of the application end. The importance of proper storage and drying of materials is self-evident.

Be in Control of your AM Manufacturing - The Filament Humidor Cabinet will reduce wastage of unusable materials from elements. Having a ready to use spool of filament while knowing the conditions are perfect provided by the FlashForge Humidor adds to the peace of mind and increases efficiency throughout your additive manufacturing workflow. Using high quality materials in your FlashForge system would also prolong the life of it. 

Precision Drying Controls Adjustable by the user, your FlashForge Filament Humidor Cabinet can go up to 120℃ for absorbing moisture and restore factory properties of your materials with industry leading technologies.

Smart Regeneration Mode - features a smart regeneration mode for the desiccant when oversaturation of moisture occurs. Excess moisture will be discharged and keep the interior of the humidor at an ideal level.

Intelligent & Automatic Temperature Humidity Pairing - FlashForge Filament Humidor Cabinet automatically matches the perfect combination based on your material selection and state of conditions


  • Size:  840(X) x 675(Y) x 600(Z)mm (with casters)
  • Screen:  4.3-inch touchscreen
  • Language:  English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Korean
  • Maximum drying temperature:  120℃
  • Desiccant capacity:  1000g
  • Storage humidity control range:  10~20%
  • Minimum storage humidity:  5%
  • Minimum chamber humidity when continuous drying is on:  7%
  • Internal storage size:  500 × 375 × 200 mm (WxDxH)
  • Power:  500W
  • Bearing weight:  120 kg ( 265 lbs )
  • Package size:  980 × 780 × 830
  • Package weight:  100 kg ( 220 lbs )
  • Power during storing:   Average: 30W, Maximum: 35W
  • Power during drying (12hrs, 120℃):  Average: 100W, Maximum: 500W
  • Overheat protection:  Yes
  • Applicable materials: 
    Moisture-sensitive materials:  PVA, PVOH, BVOH, PVB, PA6, PA12, PA66, PC, ABS, ABS Pro, HIPS, ASA, PET, PETG, Wood, Metal Fill
    Moisture-sensitive fiber reinforced materials:  PA6CF, PA12CF, PA66CF, PET-CF, PP-CF, ASA-CF, PETG-CF, PLACF, PPSCF, PA6GF, PLA-GF

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