QLS820 High Throughput Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D Printer

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Ideal Use: Laser Sintering 3D Printer for High Throughput Production. Up to 8L per hour, 20% packing density. View full description


With the highest part throughput in its class, the QLS 820 thermoplastic 3D printer is a quad laser system which offers unprecedented production capabilities designed with automation and scalability in mind. The QLS 820 takes 3D printing to a whole new level, producing up to 4x the throughput of traditional laser sintering 3D printers and other polymer powder bed technologies.

Industry’s Fastest SLS 3D Printer

The QLS 820 has smart automation, removing pain points in capacity utilization and downstream labor intensity. With 4x more power and throughput compared to competitor models, this thermoplastic 3D printer can print up to 8 liters per hour at 20% job density.

Broad Material Selection

A wide-use temperature range, inert processing atmosphere, and an open source platform allow for the printing of many materials including PA12, PA11, Polypropylene, as well as aluminum, glass and fiber-filled options.

Scalable Convenience

With an automation-ready architecture, modular material processing system, and advanced fleet management software, the QLS 820 is designed to be scaled for production.


Build Volume 350 x 350 x 400 mm
Dimensions Closed 200 x 140 x 200 cm
Laser Type 4 x 100W CO2
Printing Speed Up to 8,000 ccm per hour
Z Resolution 50-200 microns
Material Delivery System Removable Automated Build Unit


Download: QLS820 Brochure

Industries: Automotive, Consumer Goods, Education, Medical, Manufacturing

Applications: Production manufacturing, Jigs/fixtures, Engineering builds, Functional prototypes


“Looking at costs, the cost of a full assembly printed with the QLS 820 is the cost of a single part purchased from a service provider using other SLS technologies.”

Chris McKulsky, Engineering Lead at SmartDrone


Extra Information

Production, Tooling
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Build Volume:
X: 350mm (13.8"), Y: 350mm (13.8"), Z: 400mm (15.7")
Material Type:
Thermoplastic Powder, Filament