WaxJet 400 (MJP) Production 3D Printer, 3 Print-Heads

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The WaxJet 400 is a Digital Mass Production Workshop Solution for Jewelry and Investment Casting. It has a Build Volume of X: 289 mm (11.4"), Y: 218 mm (8.6"), Z: 150 mm (5.9"). A total of 3 Printing Heads make this machine ultra-productive! View full description


The WaxJet 400 is a Digital Mass Production Workshop Solution for Jewelry and Investment Casting. Based on the long-term research and practice of various jewelry/casting production processes, the FlashForge digital mass production workshop solution deeply utilizes multi-jet 3D printing technology and realizes efficient moldless mass production from designing 3D data to casting wax patterns, facing the batch proofing of jewelry/casting studios and mass-production scenarios of jewelry/casting factories. It reduces the average delivery time from 12 days to 5 days (Jewelry) or 14 days to 1 day (Investment) and reduces the comprehensive cost by 30-50% on average, while ensuring the stability and consistency of quality. It has successfully assisted a large number of domestic and foreign jewelry & casting producers to effectively improve the production capacity and profit level, and has helped the digitalization and intelligent transformation of the jewelry processing and investment casting industries.

Material is 35% cheaper (per volume) than 3D Systems wax! See HERE

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Why choose digital technology?

Production on Demand - The personalized data, even one single piece, can also be arranged for production. The flexible production reduces the overall manufacturing cost by 20%.

Moldless Manufacturing - It saves the cost of mold-making and retouching and shortens the time to market by 2/3

Global Leader in Productivity - Output of 10KG wax patterns can be realized by a single device in a single month.

High-Precision - The industrial-grade printhead and 1um-grade motion control perfectly present the creativity and details.



Printing Technology: MultiJet Printing (MJP)
Print Heads: 3
Build Volume: X: 289 mm (11.4”), Y: 218 mm (8.6”), Z: 150 mm (5.9”)
Printing Mode: XHD:1200*1200*1600dpi, Layer thickness:16um
Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.04mm/20mm
Power Supply: US Input: 110-120V 1PH, 60Hz, 40A
Equipment Dimensions: 1352 x 775 x 1600mm (53.2" x 30.5" x 63")
Net Weight: 480kg (1,056 lbs)
Gross Weight: 630kg (1,386 lbs)
Package Size: 1530 x 900 x 1837mm (60.2" x 35.4" x 72.3")
Slicing Software: WaxJetPrint
Supported File Format: .stl/.slc
Email Notification:
Connectivity: Network 10/100/1000 Ethernet/USB
Supported OS: Windows 7 / Windows 10 (64bit)
Working Environment: Temperature: 59-72F (19-28C), Humidity: 30-70%














Extra Information

Jewelry Casting Patterns, Investment Casting Patterns
Multi-Jet Printing (MJP)
Build Volume:
X: 289 mm (11.4"), Y: 218 mm (8.6"), Z: 150 mm (5.9")
Material Type:
100% Wax, Wax Support (Dissolvable)